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  • As to the quality, it can be easily understood by painting experts of your level that arts products can hardly be measured only by price, because quality is of equal importance. Good quality is salable, poor quality only waste your money. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our paintings and will find that the quality matches the price we charge.
    We have four quality levels:
    1) Meseum quality: Paintings will be painted with toppest quality canvas and paints by years of expierenced artists. All the detials will be carefully painted, the finished paintings will be exactly the same as the original pictures.
    2)High quality: Paintings will be painted with high quality canvas and paints by over ten years expierenced artists. The paintings will be much similar as the original pictures.
    3) Medium quality: Paintings will be painted with medium quality canvas and paints by five to eight years expierenced artists. Most of the paintings details will be similar as the original pictures.
    4) Commercial quality: Paintings will be painted with common canvas and paints by two to four years expierenced painters.
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    Famous Oil Painting Works Seule au Monde (Alone in the World). William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Before 1867.

    Alone in the World

    Alone in the World (Seule au Monde) is a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Although the exact year of creation is unknown, Theo van Gogh acquired it in 1867 so it may be placed in the early part of Bouguereau's career.

    The painting depicts a peasant girl holding a violin and standing on a bridge over the Seine in Paris. She is looking to her left with a melancholy expression. The cathedral of Notre Dame can be seen in the background, as well as a bridge which appears to be the Pont Royal. This indicates that the girl is standing on the Pont de Solf¨Śrino.
    ...... More detail about Alone in the World
    Famous Oil Painting Works Update:2020/8/12
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