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Oil Painting House - Online order Original oil Painting, Reproduction, Landscape, Oil Painting Art Gallery
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Order Process - Oilpaintinghouse.com

1. Choose Oil Paintings--submit orderlist--receive quotationlist in 24hours--make payment--finish order in 15workdays--client's confirmation--delivery.

2. We are specialized in producing original hand-painted oil paintings.

3. We are committed to bringing you these quality works direct from China at a very competitive price. We work with over 300 highly talented interior artists in xiamen,China.

4. We have thousands of fine oil paintings in stock.


A.  In order to maintain the highest quality and accuracy we work with our artists , to challenge and develop their existing abilities, to inspire them, and to educate them with the upcoming trends.

B.  Would you like to have your own portrait. Would you like to have a portrait of your important person such as your lovers children grandchildren parents grandparents friends etc. Young artists paint the portrait from a photo you took. Keep it around you for ever. The portrait is on the canvas with acrylic paints. It takes only a few weeks.


Our Portrait painting from photo are all hand-painted by our talented artist. What you need to do is Upload your photographs. Tell us what size you want. and we will immediately start work on your portrait. We have very professional portrait artists who will hand draw your photo into Oil painting. After the portrait is completed, We will take photos for your confirmation. If you are disatisfied with any place of the painting. We will improve it. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. We’ll make your portrait something that you will never forget.

Your portrait hanging on the walls of your house will be a constant reminder of how miraculous life is. Strolling down the aisles of your own homes, your portrait will be sure to add something truly special to your life.

    As to the quality, it can be easily understood by painting experts of your level that arts products can hardly be measured only by price, because quality is of equal importance. Good quality is salable, poor quality only waste your money. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our paintings and will find that the quality matches the price we charge.
We have four quality levels:
    1) Meseum quality: Paintings will be painted with toppest quality canvas and paints by years of expierenced artists. All the detials will be carefully painted, the finished paintings will be exactly the same as the original pictures.
    2)High quality: Paintings will be painted with high quality canvas and paints by over ten years expierenced artists. The paintings will be much similar as the original pictures.
    3) Medium quality: Paintings will be painted with medium quality canvas and paints by five to eight years expierenced artists. Most of the paintings details will be similar as the original pictures.
    4) Commercial quality: Paintings will be painted with common canvas and paints by two to four years expierenced painters.

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Landscape European Oil Painting 0877   
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Modernism Oil Painting 0482   
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Figures Oil Painting 0086   
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Landscape European Oil Painting 0845   
Famous Oil Painting Works In The Yellow Christ(1889)

The Yellow Christ

In The Yellow Christ(1889), often cited as a quintessential Cloisonnist work, the image was reduced to areas of pure color separated by heavy black outlines. In such works Gauguin paid little attention to classical perspective and boldly eliminated subtle gradations of color, thereby dispensing with the two most characteristic principles of post-Renaissance painting. His painting later evolved towards Synthetism in which neither form nor color predominate but each has an equal role.

The Yellow Christ
...... More detail about The Yellow Christ
Famous Oil Painting Works Update:2020/10/1
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